Medical Information

By choosing 'Yes' above, I indicate that I understand that MCASD does not have medical professionals on staff and that MCASD staff will not administer or provide any medication to my child. Children needing injections will need to self-administer the medication. In case of emergency (such as anaphylactic shock), or if the child cannot administer the medication themselves, a camp staff member will assist. I accept that in the event of an incident, MCASD will make every effort to get in touch with the provided emergency contact. If this contact cannot be reached and/or immediate emergency action must be taken, I hereby authorize MCASD to secure all proper and required treatment deemed necessary under the then-existing circumstances to stabilize my child until such time as I can be reached to personally grant consent. I understand that the information provided on this form will only be used as needed in the event of an emergency and that it is my responsibility to notify MCASD of any changes to the information provided. All children, regardless of medical condition or needs, are eligible for Summer C.A.M.P. registration.

Audio/Visual Waiver

By choosing 'Yes' above, I indicate that I understand that photographs and video may be taken during Summer C.A.M.P. programming, and I understand that these media are important for educational, funding, and promotional materials that celebrate and share accomplishments at Summer C.A.M.P. Therefore, I give MCASD and partnering organizations my permission to use, in part or whole, the name, picture, performance, photograph, and/or taped voice of my child. I release MCASD from any monetary compensation or from any and all claims resulting from such use.

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